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Mountain Madness Gear List

The mail came and with it a big white envelope. Inside was a crisp new Mountain Madness t-shirt and a spiral bound booklet detailing all of the particulars for the trip. It included gear list, first aid list, itinerary……all of the things to make this trip real. I have sent in my deposit and am getting ready to send in another chunk of money soon. I will be eyeing flight cost to Kathmandu as well, since that will be separate from my Mountain Madness costs. I had a butterfly in my stomach as the reality of the trip set in. Now, the dream is tangible in ways it has not yet been. More… Much, much more, to come.

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Magic Bus Wall @ Red Rock

I was happy to get out and enjoy a brisk February morning in Red Rock. For me, it was hiking and not climbing because I failed to read the update that told us to bring the gear! But none the less, I had a great hike and a wonderful day.

It started with a decent into the basin and then a climb over boulders to the Magic Bus Wall. My lungs worked hard! I am noticing that the CrossFit is making me more flexible and a little faster. I also feel like my balance is improving, though on all fronts I have a lot of work to do.

I got a great video of Kristen leading Electric Slide! It is a 5.9+ and she was apprehensive to do it…but she did a great job and what fun to watch.

It is always so much fun to meet new climbers and see some that I don’t see often. The guys are true gentlemen and th women are amazing! This is a great environment in which to make positive physical gains and enjoy life!

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