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Vegas Fit Wars 2011

The CrossFit community held yet another wonderful, fitness event. This time to determine the fittest people in Las Vegas. It was sponsored by the United States Marines, and they were there in force to assist and support all of the athletes who participated.

The gyms that were there were CrossFit Max Effort, CrossFit 702, Apollo CrossFit, Camp Fit Force, Sin City CrossFit, Progressive Force, CrossFit Las Vegas and Kaizen CrossFit….I think that is it.

The morning started with a wrinkle in that the field was being used by two entities. Along with the Fit Wars, there was a Cricket tournament scheduled for the other half of the field. The problem was, the games set up as directed only to find that the cricket guys had also be told to


set up on the same end of the field. However, since they must have patches of grass specially groomed,the wars were required to move. So, everyone grabbed gear, apparatus, and display booths and simply…relocated.

Nobody seemed to get flustered or miss a beat. Everyone just settled in and got ready for what would be a long hot day of fierce competition. I must say that, once again, I was impressed with the camaraderie between all of the athletes as the day moved along. While each competitor clearly wanted to win and gave it their all, they seemed to be happy for the challenge others provided them and when the outcome was not a win, people were genuinely happy for each other.

The first event had each person doing weighted pull ups and one arm kettle bell extensions. This was brutal stuff.


Not only did the individual have to pull themselves up until their chin was over the bar, they had a belt around their waists and they kept adding more and more weight to it.

The nest round found them all having to do some grueling load carries…..ammo cans whilst wearing flack jacket, helmet and carrying a rifle, burpees, thrusters; wheelbarrows loaded with all the gear and some dumbbells to boot;and some out-and-out sprinting. All this while it was well into the 90’s on an October Vegas Saturday. Watching these competitors was unbelievably inspiring.  Hat after heat with all sorts of them were right back on the line supporting the next competitor.

Lauren on a Mission

In the woman’s division, Max Effort sported the 2nd, 3rd and 4th most fit women in Las Vegas! But it took all day in the hundred degree heat  to find that out.  Jen, Nicole and Lauren were joined by Adam, who made it to the finals for the men. There were several Max Effort guys on the field, and every single one of them impressed me with their fitness, their skill and their “dig deeper”.

Turtle Soup

The View from the Bottom of the Trail

 I finally got back to take on Turtlehead in Red Rock Canyon. I had gone last spring and simply pooped out before even getting close to the saddle. I was heavier and less fit at the time. So today it was going to be fun to get to the top. Joe picked me up and I was loaded with water, camera, extra cloths in case of cooler weather and my boots were laced up tight. I also decided to give the Glacier Goggles another run to see how they did.

We pulled into the trail-head and Joe immediately left. He was going for time again and that was great. I was going for progress. The beginning of the hike is shared with the start of the Calico Tanks trail and with some climbing walls I have been to so it is familiar and sort of old hat. But I immediately recognized that the effort was much different than it had been. Now was far better. Pretty soon I was at the point we took our first rest the last time I went. But I blew passed thinking there was no need to rest here. I felt like I had just warmed up and did not need to lose my momentum. It is at this point where the steepness begins so I had to drop down a gear and dig in. It was a fun bunch of work. I chugged along and finally was at the point where you are basically scrambling around on goat trails. But I kept getting other hikers telling me I was better off on this other path…so I would go there and then get the same thing from some others. they were being helpful, but the truth is, I should have just picked a trail and stuck with it.

Blew right past this bad boy

I generally like scrambling. It is the part of climbing wall approaches that makes me work. But when all the hand holds are rough, loose shale, well….not so much fun. I was doing well and working my way up. It was not difficult….it just SUCKED. I looked up to see how much more of this I had to endure and thought, why am I shredding my hands again? I am not going to be doing anything like this in Nepal and this simply is NOT fun. So, just below the saddle I turned back and worked my way down again. It was a good hike for what it showed me. It showed me that fun hikes are doable and I can turn back on ones that simply are not fun. It showed me my increase in fitness and that if I keep plugging along, things will be great in Nepal.

After I got home I did suffer two days of thrashed knees. Note to self: Wear knee support on steep hikes. Period.

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