Rest Day in Dingboche

Today is a day of rest. That means a HIKE! I got better layers set out and hoped for the best for the morning acclimatization hike. The tea houses are getting more rustic as we go.  Rooms are very small, which is good because it keeps the heat in. The wind is fierce and the Yak Dung burning stoves take some time to project the heat.  Last night I slept in my Big Agnes sleeping bag with a thick fleece, polortec pants, and my Fits Roy Down Hoodie. OH, and a light comforter provided by the lodge. I also threw a boiling hot bottle of water in the bottom of the bag. It was very comfortable.  The Sherpas  all slept outside in tents.

Our kitchen travels with us. It is part of the service provided by Mountain Madness. I see the staff throughout the day on the trail, portering the goods and utensils needed to cook three meals a day and afternoon tea.  All of our meals are prepared outside. The staff rings it in to us and we get as much as we want of a good variety of food. Have had Water Buffalo, sardines, pizza, lots of wonderful tasting potatoes, soups,……it goes on and on.  I am having trouble eating enough, however, and I am not sure why. When a plate is handed t me I am excited to get some food but quickly feel full and simply cannot eat more than a very little off my plate. Up we were this morning and I ate some cereal and a couple bites of egg and hot chocolate.  Then we headed out to our rest day hike. Deana told us where she wanted us all to go to achieve the needed work of the day. Some would continue on to an even higher point.  The trail was steep and we headed up to 15,000 feet. I rested there, took some pictures with the Sherpa and then headed back down. I felt good. So good that I picked up my pace and thought I would give Mani a treat by getting back quicker. Then it happened.

 I took a step and the heel of my right boot caught a rock. I went tumbling face first, in what seemed in my minds eye was thousands of feet down the side of a mountain. In reality, it was about a three step, face first fall. Mani dove to grab me like a super hero. He quickly assisted me to my feet. I made sure everything was working the way it should and we went on. I slowed down and remembered that every step has to count. No more over walking myself.

So back here in the village, I was happy to get the daily hot cup of Tang. We get it every afternoon before lunch. It is good and warms up a core that is getting increasingly colder by the day. Anther wonderful treat is the head cook, Ramkaji (sp) hands each of us a towel that is piping hot and has menthol in it. We inhale it and wash our hands and face with it and it is a pure delight.

Yesterday, Deana told me that the head of the Sherpas told her that I was know to them as BIG SISTER. It is a term of endearment. She told me that Dawah had reported Kahji, my Sherpa of the day, had said I was a very good walker. It seems sped is nothing to them, distance without rest is. I made the cut. I’ll take BIG SISTER to the bank!

On the very last bit back into Dingboche today, I overheard some other trekkers stating they had a signal. I quickly dashed off a text to Kathlene and hope she got it since she had last only heard that I was trudging through the Himalayas like a Yeti in a snow storm.

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The mountains are in my blood and Everest has been a symbol to so many areas of my life. I blog about adventures and life in between.

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  1. Ms. Big Sister. OMG you are getting really tough! Maybe I need to sign up for that trip to control my monstrous appetite and meager metabolism. Those face-first falls are scarey. Before my Parkinson’s diagnosis I had a lot of those. Knocked out a front tooth on one fall, tore a ligament on another, carried off by Medic One on another. Once diagnosed and medicated properly I’m much better. Might even tackle Everest like you! What an inspiration you are! You keep on going girl!


  2. Well, Rin Annie, OF COURSE “Big Sister” is a term of endearment!


  3. Hey I use those hot water bottles here to keep my toes toasty! Works great…must feel wonderful at 14,000 ft elevation! Amazing job Karen.


  4. Just had time to catch up with this blog, Karen. Fascinating. And, kudos to you!


  5. Julie Cordahl

    Karen, What an inspiration you are… even to the locals to name you “Big Sister” I think that is great. What memories you are creating. Glad the Sherpa was there to assist you when you fell but so happy you weren’t hurt. I can hardly wait for the next update, I feel like I am traveling with you, except I am not as tired, haha Thank you!


  6. kim oglethorpe

    So proud of you! You mad my heart stop with the fall story with the “then it happened” phrase. Praying for you and your stomach. You defenitely need to eat, but it is funny how altitude and exercise decrease your food intake abilities. Keep up the good work, and thanks for taking all of us along on your journey. You are a true insperation.


  7. Go Karen! Hey, bring back some of those towels! Go “Big Sister” All the strong women in your family, past and present, would be proud of you!


  8. Sardines…they’re not just for breakfast! And hot Tang! You are living like an astronaut in a yak capsule. That’s one small step…


  9. Oh Karen, my heart about stopped reading and “then it happened” girl, you have me in tears one minute and smiling the next, you have created such a journey for me and I Thank You “again”. I am so greatful your sherpa was there extending his hand for you, I love the Big Sister, be proud of that! I am chilled now, knowing what you are experiencing, Sooo PROUD of you Karen, Keep on trekking, you go girl And Thanks again


  10. Yo Litagator—you the BOMB!!! We are soo proud of you and look so forward to yer stories!!! Quick one for you—on the day of yer final push–Easter–we will be attending the first ever Sunrise Service at the top of Chairlift 1 on Mt Charleston!!! We will blow kisses up and thru the clouds to you masughla (sp) God is Greeeeaaaattt!!!!
    Mucho besitos Migdalia and Jacques


  11. Put Karen’s latitude and longitude from the SPOT into Google Earth and you can SEE exactly where she is aerial photograph style. Also check out this view from the peak she’ll eventually be on:


  12. Amazing! I’m moving there.


  13. GO Karen GO, Big SISTA GO!


  14. Rick-Pittsburgh

    Sorry to hear about your tumble Karen. Glad you are unscathed. How are the Eriksons/Oregons holding up? Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

    Keep on keeping on Karen.


  15. Kathy Patterson

    We love reading your blogs Karen! You are doing amazing and can’t wait to hear when you reach base camp! I can’t wait to wear my shirt! We are so very proud of you Big Sister! xoxo


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